Savoie’s Cajun Sausage

There are myriad sausage manufacturers in Louisiana, for the best, look for ones that are manufacxtured in state, and ideally, smoked with real wood chips.  Lots of them aren’t (either).  One of the best (and oldest) is Savoie’s, in Opelousas, just off I-49 within spitting distance of Lafayette. Opelousas is known as “the spice capital of the world”, as in addition to Savoie’s, it is the home of Tony Chachere’s, Targil Seasonings, and various small food manufacturers.   Savoie’s is in the very capable hands of my old friend Freddy Lafleur, and the Louisiana Farm Bureau has produced a little video tour of the plant, which can be seen on YouTube.

You don’t have to go to Louisiana to buy Savoie’s sausages, rouxs, and other Cajun foods, you can purchase them online at

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