Wendy’s Premium North Pacific Cod Sandwich

I slammed McD’s on this site the other week for having nothing on their menu that tastes like the animal it came from.   That’s not a problem at Wendy’s, and especially with their new Premium North Pacific Cod sandwich, which boasts a hand-cut filet, lightly breaded with panko, fried until crispy, served on a soft roll with tartar, and lettuce.

Easily the best fast food entry in the fish line, Wendy’s has hit a home run with this one, and I recommend it highly.

Incidentally, it’s also time for Wendy’s to unveil their entire new look, logos, packaging, uniforms will be changing as in this infographic , and stores are undergoing interior remodeling as well.   Look for these changes near you, and go get yourself a Premium Cod sandwich.  After all, it is Lent!  And this is a limited time offer.


Wendy's Premium Cod Sandwich Review

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Wendys Fish Sandwich

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