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Oh, you know how hesitant I am to go into someplace called “the best” anything. Foster Burger has been open a few months, lots of local raves, and today was named one of the ten best new burgers in the US by Bon Appetit Magazine.

Wow. I thought I had better get there fast, before I can’t get a seat. Hoping it’s not another Umami (Los Angeles), which was also on this list, and is absolutely dreadful.

Well, spoiler alert folks. Not only is this one of the ten best in the country, this is in the top ten, nay top three, perhaps, of the greatest burgers in history! And I don’t say that lightly. Not at all.

Foster starts with a patty of house round naturdal beef and pork backfat, placed on a slightly toasted sesame roll from the An Xuyen Bakery, which is right next door.

That’s fresh.

The offer a variety of toppings, as well burgers of the lamb and turkey variety, but I went with the “works”, the Foster Road Pile Up. Note: Cheddar (or Swiss), Applewood smoked bacon, fried farm egg, caramelized onions, pickled beet, house-made pickles, lettuce, tomato, thousand island on the side, and hell, if you want, add your own ketchup and mustard. That’s a burger!

Burgers come with your choice of fries, slaw or side salad, and I upgraded to the “Black and White” fries, hand-cut fies with Parmesan, truffle oil, and squid ink aioli. Never had black mayo? Me, neither. Have now. Will crave it now.

I could not navigate this monster topside to my piehole, so I set about bisecting, then dissecting it, in order to savor each combo individually.

Fabulous. Don’t change a thing. Even with beets, which I ordinarily loathe, the combination of crunch, soft, sweet, tangy is an experience not to be missed.

Foster Burger is only open for dinners during the week, but they add lunch weekends. What? You want to know about the service, ambiance, decor? Who cares?

The food speaks for itself.  Menu is on this site under the Menu “drop down” tab.

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