The Dalles, OR – Big Jim’s Drive-In

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While I have had hamburgers made with ground beef, shredded beef, ground pork, turkey, buffalo, alligator, I’ve never had a hamburger “made with love”, and that’s what Big Jim’s was offering. Found this place by accident off the frontage round from I-84, nosing around, not minding my own business, as is my want.

Nothing on the menu board seemed all that special, except maybe the T-Rex, a half pound of beef, 4 slices of ham, 4 slices of cheese, at a spendy $10+. My plain cheeseburger, at $4.50, was a bit dear as well, but I guess love costs extra.

It didn’t taste like it had love in it. My wife makes food with love in it, and you can really tell. (Especially her heart-shaped pancakes). But this was an ordinary food service burger patty; fries and other sides were supplied by food service giant McCain, according to the counter toppers touting them. Big Jim’s offers a variety of burgers and dogs, as well as (natch) a salmon dinner.

I am glad I stopped by tho, because I was made aware that the Hotel California (trademark) an Eagles tribute band, would be appearing in town on December 5th, for a mere $35 per ducat!!! I think the first time I say the non-tribute Eagles, the tickets were $7. I seem to recall their last tour, the top price was $1200. I guess $35 for a knock-off is a bargain after all.

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