Amsterdam, NL – Le Grotto Coffeeshop

One thing I have always been told, in my decades of globe-trotting, in order to lessen the impact of jet lag, get on the schedule of where you are, as soon as you can, including having that time of day meal.

Landing in Amsterdam at 630A, that meant breakfast as soon as we checked in the hotel. Well, almost “as soon as”, the hotelier was kind enough to let us take the room as soon as we got there, and we had a wee bit o nap before setting out.

The term “coffeeshop” has a distinct meaning in Amsterdam (see one of those kind of shops “rules for drinking coffee” below), so one must look for a “coffeeshop” that actually IS a “coffeeshop” (by our definition).

We found a combination of both in Le Grotto, not far from the hotel, went in, had “coffee” before plunging into an full English breakfast for me, and a croissant melange for Mrs. BDB.

I love English breakfasts, tho this one was slightly modified to be sans tomatoes and avec chips, but that was ok. The egg yolks were bright yellow (the kind we don’t see in the US anymore), and the toast was great, and the beans were from Mrs. John Kerry.

It was good enough that we were tempted to return daily, but instead set out to have as many adventures as possible.

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