Home Cookin’ Test – Red Baron Fire Baked Crust

One I have tried before, just a quick update      because they were on sale for about $2, and     Mrs. BDB and her friends were enjoying yet     another vegan dinner at our house….and I was   going through carnivore withdrawal (that’s  what SHE said).

My impression last time was largely favorable, and either my taste buds are changing (probably constantly) or the recipe has been varied a little bit.  This time around, I found the sauce a little too “sweet” for my liking.  Didn’t put me off eating the entire 160 carb pie of course (more insulin, please), but OK, I don’t have the capacity that I used to, and the 18.76 ounces of Italian-Style Meat Trio pie took three different consumption periods (note that we no longer call them “meals” at our house) to polish off.

In old economy speak, those “consumption periods” would have been called “dinner”, “4th meal”, and “breakfast.”   So it’s really not a feat worth bragging about, not compared to my college days when I could polish off two 14″ pies from Basil’s Pizza (nee “Bill’s Pizza”) , in Northfield, MN, all be my lonesome (with a pitcher of beer chaser).

I also took exception to the ‘oiliness’ this time, a close-up pic (below) shows a puddle of ‘grease’ – which with a delivered pizza would have decorated the take-out box and been lessened, a bit, I suspect.

Overall?  A fantastic value at the price, and they are frequently on sale.

Red Baron Fire Baked Frozen Pizza

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