Portland, OR – Barbur World Foods (Pizza)

One of our neighborhood grocery stores, Barbur World Foods, features a wide variety of imported groceries, and an over-the-top deli counter where you can buy the requisite sliced meat, cheese, as well as a number of freshly made hot and cold dishes lately.

They also have made-to-order brick oven pizzas, including some specialty Lebanese style ones.

Mrs. BurgerDogBoy and I were out for an early evening stroll last nite, and decided to have a ‘romantic’ parking lot dinner at Barbur. She picked out a number of exotic dishes like beef stuffed zucchini, and I went with one of the Lebanese pizzas, Zahm B’Ajeen, a pie covered with a tomato and onion ground beef mixture.

The pie maker quickly created and ovened the pie, and it was ready in less than ten minutes. At 3.95, this has got to be one of the best pizza bargains in Portland.

You can also order any of the usual toppings from the ‘build your own’ menu, with personal sized pies starting at $5, and the large size at $13. Even adding a gaggle of your favorite toppings does not increase the prices significantly.

The oven man also makes fresh based pita, and the deli counter houses some of Portland’s best hummus (if you are keeping track of the SW hummus wars!).

There’s a daily soup (we had lentil, which was very nice), gyros (shwarma) and made to order deli sandwiches.

Barbur has a fantastic cheese selection, nice produce, quality meats, in addition to the imported groceries. It’s a nice option in our neighborhood, and for Portland. Be sure to patronize our local groceries, especially in light of yesterday’s announcement that Wal Mart is considering adding another SEVENTEEN stores in the area!

I found a recipe online if you want to try and make this at home.

Here’s a pic of the pie.

Barbur World Foods Lebanese Pizza

Barbur World Foods Lebanese Pizza[/caption

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