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Duluth, MN Deluxe Coney Island Pictorial


My brudder sent these today:


coney maker

coney dogs

coney burg


3 Responses to “Duluth, MN Deluxe Coney Island Pictorial”

  • 11dicklucy says:

    I grew up in Duluth Mn. I was back there about eight or ten years ago. I could be off by a few tears. We stopped in at Deluxe Coney Island and had some coneys and your greek hamburgers. They were cooked in a sauce and were great. There was the burger, some mustard and the bun. I have not been able to find anything like that here in Portland Oregon or close by. Do you still make those greek burgers? If not do you have a recipe that you would let me have so I could make a stab at making those burgers? I am getting up in years and don’ know when I will get back to Duluth. I can be reach by email at: Thank you for your time.
    Dick Lachowski

  • Anna says:

    A great meal with a long history. Gotta love those coney dogs!!!

  • Kathy says:

    The best dogs ever!

    DELUXE! baby!

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