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Barrington, IL – Sergios Pizza Review


Sergios Barrington ReivewSome years ago, we relocated from Los Angeles to this Norman Rockwellian idyllic Chicago suburb. It was for our daughter’s benefit, we wanted her to have a great education in a safe environment, and grow up with midwestern values. For the most part, it was a successful move. At the time, after local exploration, (and my previous choice burning down, not my fault), my “go to” pizza became the thin crust at Sergio’s. They’ve moved a couple times since then, and changed owners, but they are still grinding out great pies for the past thirty years.

Passing through the burbs this summer, on a mission to look at some horses for sale, it was appropriate to re-sample Sergio’s, and see how my memory compared to reality.  While most people identify Chicago with “Deep Dish Pizza” (except Jon Stewart), the thin crust pies are really excellent, cracker crusts, mounds of real cheese, excellent sausage, and square cut.

This is the 16 incher. They have larger, smaller, thick crust and stuffed – a full menu of other goodies, too, sandwiches, ‘cue,  pasta, salads, and small bites.

Sergio’s crust is flaky, the sizable  hand-pulled sausage chunks are flavorful, and the pie has spectacularly high quality cheese.  You’ll also notice a distinctive difference with the tomato sauce; all of their sauces are made in house, and the pizza sauce is very hearty with a full tomato flavor.

Another upside with Sergio’s is they charge 15-20% less than local competitors.  A welcome respite.

Here’s the Sergio’s menu.  Got a craving or miss Chicago foods?  Here are some companies that ship pizzas, dogs, and more.

Sergios Pizza Barrington Review


Sergio's Pizza on Urbanspoon
Sergios Pizza Review


Algonquin, IL – East Side Joey’s Pizza


(From our new Chicago reporter)  East Side Joey’s Pizza, the brainchild of  Mark Drozek, opened in Algonquin in mid 2011.   Drozek brought 30 years of restaurant experience to the new venture, including previously owning Little Joey’s Pizza.   The “East Side” moniker is due to the location on the east side of the river, before you reach downtown.

A full service restaurant, Joey specializes in Chicago thin crust pizza, sourcing his ingredients locally, including using Anichini Brothers Sausage, which IS the sausage that makes Chicago pies taste so great.

Other styles of pizza, including deep dish, pan, and double decker are available, as well as the full menu which features pasta dinners, sandwiches, appetizers, burgers, salads, fried chicken, and even ribs.  Daily specials grace the menu as well.

As for the thin crust pie?  It’s superb.  Cracker-crispy at the outer rim, chewier as you work towards the middle, with ample toppings and plenty of cheese.  I was predisposed to order “double cheese” but was glad that I didn’t, Joey’s piles it on as it is.  The sausage and pepperoni are great, and the tomato sauce is a thick, lightly seasoned puree of fresh tomatoes, and the taste really pops.

Joey’s delivers locally after 4p, or you can dine in.  They have a complete catering menu to serve your private parties or office.

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