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Portland, OR – Davis Street Tavern

Davis Street Tavern, Portland OR

Davis Street Tavern, Portland OR

Mr. Hot Shot Portland business lawyer Will Du Val and I ventured down 5th Street looking for  mild repast, and passed by Hamburger Mary’s and Theo’s in favor of Davis Street – a joint neither of us had experienced, but both of us had heard good things.  From whence, we do not recall.

Neither of us seemed to be in the mood for a “food experience” but rather the mundane task or eating to live (not living to eat).

So we did, perusing the menu and each of selecting 3 or 4 things we couldn’t live without, before figuratively throwing darts at a disinterested waiter.

The lunch menu is:

Davis Street Tavern Menu, Portland

Davis Street Tavern Menu, Portland

 The attorney at the table went with the Mac n Cheese, after dithering over possibly selecting the fish tacos.   I sample his pasta, and it was downright tasty. It was labeled “three cheese bechamel”, and at least one of the fromages was on the tangier side which gave the noodles a nice bite.

And BurgerDogBoy?  I really, really DID think of ordering something else, but I got the burger, adorned with Tillamook sharp and braised pig belly ( a tasty ham-like cut).  The burger was prepared as specified with an ultra-soft yet study sesame bun, that I have sampled before on other Portland burgers, so probably a selection from one of our great artisan bakers.  Garnish included paper thin pickle chips, perhaps house-cured, slightly sweet., shredded lettuce, and “tomato jam.”  

Fries were thin and crispy.  Curiousity note:  Once again, another eatery w/o salt & pepper on the table.

Service was ‘business lunch perfunctory”, and today, that’s all we were looking for.

I’ll try them again.

Davis Street Tavern Cheeseburger

Davis Street Tavern Cheeseburger

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Thoughts on Salt…..and Pepper


I use too much salt.  Like most people, I have adult problems that have arisen because of childhood circumstances, and more than likely, salt is one of them.  My father seldom said a cross word at the dinner table, but reach for the salt shaker, and he’d let go with a harsh word or two. (At least for him, he was the ‘thundering velvet hand’ kind of guy).

I’ve been thinking about salt lately, because the last 4 or 5 restaurants I have been in, there have been no salt and pepper shakers on the table.  This includes my burger foray into Little Bird the other day.  No salt and/or pepper shakers to be found there.  For that matter, no condiments offered at all, other than what came with our order.

So I’ve been wondering lately if chefs are trying to tell us something, which might be either 1) salt is bad for you, or 2) my food is perfectly seasoned, you better eat it the way it is.

Oh, I don’t really care, except I use salt a lot, and I’m not ashamed of it.  The heir to one of the largest steakhouse chains in the country told me salt was their secret ingredient.

But when it’s not on the table, and you don’t see any near by, I’m almost embarrassed to ask for it.  To me, it kinda feels like it would be if you asked for ketchup for your porterhouse at Mortons.

So I don’t ask.  In the case of the burger and fries at Little Bird, the food (to me) was perfectly seasoned, anyway.

The reason I was thinking about salt today, was Mrs. BurgerDogBoy (whom I love so very, very dearly) and I were cruising some shops in Sellwood, and she spotted a hamburger and hot dog salt and pepper set.  Well, actually a hamburger and hot dog pepper and pepper set, as they both had three holes.  (I know, some will argue that pepper goes in the shaker w/ one hole, well not around here).

And she bought them, knowing a) I would love them, and b) I have a monstrous collection of S & P shakers, and we have them in a rotation, take a different set out every couple of months.  

(And yes, I will accept more, please send multiple sets to me as gifts!!!!)

So here’s a pic of the ones she bought today, perched next to the current set we have out, the RCA dog ‘Nipper.”

So how do I solve the ‘no shaker’ dilemma at restaurants?  Why, I reach in my pocket and pull out crushed packets of the miracle seasoning I pilfered at my last fast food visit.  I better stock up on those, because they seem to be going the way of things vanishing from every day life.

In some fast food places now, they just have the disposable plastic salt and pepper shakers.  Well, they do until I visit, and they end up being one salt shaker short.

Collectible Salt & Pepper Shakers

Collectible Salt & Pepper Shakers

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