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Indian River, NC – D Moe’s Famous Hot Dogs


(Update:  This location now closed)

Ran into this place, hiding in the out lot of a strip mill, in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

This is a brand new building, but I didn’t inquire if they were at another location previously, or why the hot dogs were famous.

They have a wide variety of ‘specialties’, which are D-Moe’s take on the various regional dogs of the US, like the “Arizona”, (bacon wrapped, pintos, jalapenos, mayo, onions, tomato, mustard and cheese), the “Carolina”, chili, mustard, onions, and slaw, the “Chicago”, and you know what that’s all about, and the “Coney”, which is mustard, beef chili, and diced onions.  I chose the Coney, and chased it down with a local soda pop, “Cheerwine.”

I wasn’t too moved by D-Moe’s chili, so I peeled out the dog to try it all by its lonesome.  It’s a good quality all-beef dog, and it was a-ok.

“Moe’s Original” seems to be the big daddy of the lot, a bacon-wrapped dog, D-Moe’s mustard sauce, Texas Pete, onion, jalapeno, and D-Moe’s blue cheese slaw.  I maybe should have gone for that.

As I was just “tasting”, I didn’t try the sides, fries, sweet tater fries, rings, mac and cheese, a couple of slaws.

D-Moe’s also has a pretty fair-sized burger menu, and a couple of sandwiches, and damn, looking at the menu just now, I spotted fried bologna, wish I would have seen that on the spot, that would have been my choice for sure.

As for “Cheerwine”,  the only thing it did for me was make me whine that it didn’t make me cheery.  Think of red 7-Up.

I’m a big support of local businesses, no matter where I am, and you should be too.  So when you’re in this part of the world, hit up D-Moe’s for at least one meal.

Complete menu here.

D-Moe's Famous Hot Dogs

Coney Island


D-Moe's Famous Hot Dogs on Urbanspoon


d moes indian trail d moes indian trail


NC – BBQ Center Lexington


North Carolina sez they invented barbecue, and who am I to argue? Leave that for Texans, Memphisites, Kansas City folks. The state is dotted with barbecue joints of all manners and sizes, ages and menus, but you’ll find a concentration of 20+ outlets around Lexington, KY, and that’s where I started my tour.

The “Lexington Barbecue” is supposed to be da bomb place, and the old timey one, but I arrived in town early in the AM, and Barbecue Center, another oldie was open early. I popped in expecting only to find a breakfast menu, but I suppose die-hard ‘cue folks eat it whenever it’s available, so the full menu was available.

Dilemma. Breakfast? Country ham biscuit with sausage gravy, oh my? Or go right for the ‘cue.

Answer. Both. Ate the country ham on the spot, got the sandwich to go. Both excellent. If you’re a ‘cue hound, head to North Carolina. I’ve been to the BBQ capital of Texas, Lockhart, and Lexington beats it by miles.

Barbecue Center, Lexington, NC


Barbecue Center on Urbanspoon


bbq center lexington

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