Franks Quad Cities Style Pizza Review – Silvis, IL

Franks Quad Cities Style Pizza Review

Franks Quad Cities Style Pizza Review

Frank’s Club Napoli Pizzeria, in Silvis, IL (part of Rock Island area) is purported to have created “Quad Cities Style” pizza. Never heard of it? Me neither, until a couple years ago, and I lived there for two years back in the day! What’s different about Quad Cities Style Pizza? The crust uses malt as an ingredient, it’s relatively flat but the edges are puffy and crispy. Tomato sauce has a little bit of kick from cayenne and red chili flakes. Toppings are under the cheese, (and there’s a boatload of cheese) and if you opt for a sausage pie, the sausage is crumbled, not chunks. Finally, no triangles or squares on this baby, the pie is sliced into strips.

Characteristics of this style of pizza include a pizza crust made with malt, tomato sauce sometimes made with cayenne and red chili flakes, toppings placed under the cheese, and strips being cut instead of slices.

So here’s the thing. Ordered half sausage, half pepperoni, glass of Old Style (of course), and I COULD NOT STOP EATING IT.  Wanted so desperately to take some home.  Finally pushed myself away from the table so I could get a few slices out of there.

People don’t go to Frank’s for ambiance. They go for the pizza (and some for pasta).  They were doing a fairly brisk business even at a weekend lunch.

I loved it. Serious.  Top three on my list.   Just off I-80 if you’re traveling on Main Street USA.  Cash only.

Here’s a link to their website.

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Franks Quad Cities Style Pizza Review

Quad Cities Style Pizza Review

Quad Cities Style Pizza ReviewHow do you live in a place and not know there’s a “special dish” out there that everybody raves about?  Apparently, it’s not that hard.  I lived in the Quad Cities for two years and choked down Little Caesar’s and a local Happy Joe’s pizza regularly, but nobody ever let me in on this secret.

I spent so much time eating in a bar there, they named a sandwich after me. As with most things in my life, the bar burned down a few years later.

There is, and has been for years and years, a “Quad Cities Style” pizza. What makes it different? The crust has a “nutty” taste to it, the sauce is spicy, all toppings are under the cheese, and most of all, the pie is cut in STRIPS, not slices or squares (which is called “tavern style” in Chicago).Quad Cities Style Pizza Review

One of the largest, oldest purveyors of these unique delights is Harris Pizza, which multiple locations throughout the Quad Cities.

Did I explain what the Quad Cities are? Four adjacent cities straddling the Mississippi River on the Iowa/Illinois.  Home of John Deere. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Oh, and outside of Davenport, is a small town named Walcott, home of the world’s largest truck stop, right there on I-80, the main street of America.  Be sure to check out the annual “Truckers Jamboree” in July where they whip up some very fine BBQ thick thick thick pork chops.

So anyway, I was blasting through the Quad Cities, and decided to partake of their specialty, got a sausage pie to go, as I was stopping for the night an hour down the road and I could examine and digest the pie at my leisure.

Which I did. And enjoyed it immensely. The sauce is zesty, the cheese melty, the sausage was terrific. The “strips” were a little disarming, but I prevailed.

And I will again.

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Quad Cities Style Pizza Review
Quad Cities Style Pizza Review