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Minong, Wi – Jack Links Beef Jerky Outlet Store


jack linkWe used to drive down US 53 out of Superior Wisconsin for winter family ski trips to Telemark resort, or some jaunts to various Wisconsin lakes.   At the time, Minong, about 30 miles south, was a one horse town with a car dealer, grocery, gas station, and a small butcher shop and cattle pen called “Link Brothers”.

Today Jack Link, still headquartered in Minong, is undisputeably the world champion for jerky and related snacks.  I’ve traveled all over the world and seldom see a place where Jack Link’s products are missing from the shelf.

I like ‘em.

So imagine my delight when I saw the billboard for the “factory outlet store”, which can be found inside the town’s only grocery.   You’ll be in jerky and beefstick heaven, and save a bundle to boot.  Too bad Mrs. Burgerdogboy wasn’t along, except for she would have dropped a small fortune here and been in a jerky comma the rest of the trip!   She do love herself some jerky!

I scored these two, 2 pound bags of beef stick bits for $5.

If you don’t anticipate driving through Northern Wisconsin this year,  the store does ship, and here’s the dope on that.  You can order Jack Link products from other sources, and get some of my favorite jerky type product, Biltong, from South Africa.


I Get No Kick from Champagne!


(Or Red Bull, or AMP, or…)   But now I can get my energy from beef stick snacks, with the amazing “Lightning Rod”  from Power Hungry Foods of Minnesota!    Yes, if you want more of a kick from your beef stick snack than the Tabasco version of Slim Jims, the Lightning Rod, with Guarana and Ginseng, might be the ticket.   I just read about these today in a trade magazine, haven’t tried them yet, have you? Check out their commercial!

lightning rods

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