Nana Js Soulful Kitchen Review Ocean Springs MS

Nana Js Soulful Kitchen Review Ocean Springs MS

Nana Js Soulful Kitchen ReviewNana J’s is one of those places that leaves you really conflicted.  On the one hand, you want to tell everybody how wonderful it is.  On the other, you don’t want to go back someday and find a line out the door because it’s become so popular.

It’s small, unassuming, short menu which mostly changes daily, and your entree choice includes a couple vegetables and dessert.  There are five-six choices daily, all made from scratch. ALL MADE FROM SCRATCH.

In a way, it reminds me of Willie Mae’s Scotch House in New Orleans, before Katrina.  Four tables, one woman, a cast iron skillet and the best fried chicken you’ve ever had anywhere.

Whatever your choice of entree at Nana J’s, be prepared to have it be the best version of that dish you’ve ever had anywhere.  The same claim for the sides and dessert.

The Deets

I went with fried catfish, some days they have filets, some days whole, bone-in, some days both.   My side choices were potato salad and collard greens. A piece of cornbread is included on every plate; dessert the day I was in was banana pudding, complete with the requisite ‘nilla wafers.

The fish was done perfectly, crispy breading, nicely seasoned, with steaming flaking moist flesh enclosed.  House-made tartar sauce was the best I have ever had anywhere, yes, you could spoon it if you were inclined.  It was so far beyond the usual glop of mayo and pickle bits or chives.

Potato salad was superb, it was like creamy deviled eggs with potato bits. Went down easy.  Likewise the greens, like potato salad a dish most restaurants seem to deliberately screw up.  Nana J’s was smoky, salty, crisp and buttery at the same time. Could almost convince me to be a vegetarian. OK, not quite.  But you get my point.

Banana pudding, something I haven’t had since childhood since I’m not much for desserts on any occasion.  Wonderful.  Flavorful, smooth, creamy, with pieces of vanilla wafer.  As it should be.

I posted after I left the restaurant that I’ve been fortunate to have dined in 65 countries, and this meal easily popped into my list of top five meals anywhere, anytime.  Meant it.  I go to the Gulf Coast every year, and hands down I’ve never had better food on the coast.

Personable, friendly, charming, helpful host/server as well.

They have a website, but it doesn’t tell you much.  You’d be much better off checking their Facebook entries from time to time.  Go there. Often. But don’t tell anybody else about it!

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Nana Js Soulful Kitchen Review Ocean Springs MS