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Flameburger ReviewFunny that I haven’t been in one of Flameburgers two locations in the Twin Cities: 1) I’ve lived there a couple times, and 2) they are the kinda place I seek out, greasy spoon burgers and breakfasts, open 24 hours (except for 3 hours Sunday nite).

One of my nieces wanted me to check this place out, she thought I go for one of the two multi-pound burgers on the menu, the one pound mega, or the three pound ultimate mega.

Flameburger also has a few entrees, fried fish, a steak, soup and shrimp.

Some years ago, the night Mrs Burgerdogboy proposed to me at polka haven Nye’s Polonaise Room in Minneapolis (soon to be reduced to rubble, all apropos!), we headed up to this neighborhood for some drunk food, but all she could manage was to puke and pass out in a White Castle booth across the street from  Flameburger.  Maybe eggs would have settled her tummy.   Yes, I know, the behavior should have been a red flag, but I missed it, and instead we got married and she honored her “secret vows” to make me miserable and break my heart over and over again!

Your results may vary.

For a middle of the night burger or breakfast, hit the Flameburger, an iconic Twin Cities diner.  Nothing special, other than it’s there when you need it to be.

Flameburger Review

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