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Berrys Seafood and Catfish Buffet, Florence, MS


I’m not ashamed to say I like AYCE buffets.  Especially at breakfast, where I often find my plate full of a half dozen different processed pork breakfast meats and little else.  But I also like seafood buffets, and I stumbled into a doozy in Southern Mississippi, 12 miles south of the State Capital on Highway 49.

I suspect Berry’s Seafood and Catfish House has been around forever, but in Florence (they have one other location), they are in obviously new and massive digs.

There are “hot bars” and “cold bars,” with fried and boiled shrimp, fried and broiled or blackened catfish, and everything in between, including beautiful salads and desserts.  Fried chicken, too.  More detail on the lunchtime menu can be found right here’ya.  Lunch and dinner are slightly different prices, but count on around $30 for two persons.

Special nights add crab legs to the buffet, and an ala carte menu, which includes steaks and sandwiches, is available for lighter eaters.

There’s no alcohol available, and the dozen or so large screen TVs are generally blaring religious music and messages – just sayin’, if that kind of thing is not your cup of tea.

As for me?  Did somebody say all you can eat catfish?  I’d put up with karaoke for that!

Berrys Seafood and Catfish Review


Berry's Seafood & Catfish House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Berrys Seafood and Catfish Buffet


Galatoires Revillion Fail – New Orleans

Galatoire's Review

                 Shrimp Scampi

One of the oldest operating restaurants in New Orleans, and generally regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the country, Galatoire’s is emblematic of fine cuisine in the Big Easy. I’ve had dozens of spectacular meals there. Unfortunately, our Revillion dinner, on Christmas eve, was not one of them. Revillion menus are set price, multi-course holiday dinners. Galatoire’s offering pays tribute to local ingredients.

As you might expect, the restaurant is extremely popular for these meals, and at this time of year, but with advance reservations, we were seated prior to our actual reservation time. All good so far.

My personal menu selections included starters of a Shrimp Scampi dish, followed by Lobster Bisque, a Beef filet with red wine reduction and creamed spinach, and a flan-like dessert.

The “Scampi” was an interesting approach to the traditional prep, with a number of hot, seasoned, shrimp perched atop a piece of crispy bread that had been marinated in shrimp and butter liquids. Very nice.

The soup arrived, and the four of us at the table received a wide range of temperatures for the soup – unfortunately, the range started at tepid and went all the way down to cold. Any attempts to get the server’s attention to get new, hot servings, fell on deaf ears. She made a major server faux pas at this point, and said she was busy with a “very large table.” Tsk. Tsk.

The entrees arrived prior to the return of the soup, and they too, were room temperature. They were probably plated beautifully in the kitchen, but the server had apparently jiggled them enough en route that the wine reduction had splashed all over the plates.

By that point, we had given up trying to convince the server to rectify matters, and (reluctantly) said a word to the manager, “Billy,” who offered to “make things right,” to our satisfaction.

Two soups reappeared, and oddly, they kitchen had just nuked the partially eaten soups instead of sending a new serving. Soup has splashed and dried along the inside of the bowl, and wasn’t very appetizing in appearance.

Billy reappeared, and his solution to the experience was to shower us with as many cocktails and desserts as we cared to consume. We indulged, but didn’t take advantage, of course.

He also sent around a “prepared table side” special flaming coffee for the whole party. Nice effort, but too little too late.

He did step up with the bill tho, and whacked about 25% off the tab, which was unexpected. So the Revillion dinner for four with cocktails, desserts, after dinner drinks, came out to about $240. A good value for Galatoire’s and for the season.

Will I return? Absolutely – as I said at the top, I’ve had dozens of great meals here. Most diners at the restaurant are used to being waited on by servers that have worked their for decades, and maybe our person (who was young) was new, and to her, it was just a job.

Galatoires Review

                                     Beef filet with spinach

Full Menu

Galatoire's Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Galatoires Revillion Fail

Galatoire’s Review


Johnsonville Andouille Review


Johnsonville Andouille ReviewIt’s not real easy to find true Andouille sausage up here in the winter wasteland. The Louisiana version is a pork, coarse-grained smoked sausage made using pork, garlic, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings. It’s stuffed in a natural casing and smoked again.  There are hundreds of sausage makers in Louisiana, and so there is a lot of variation in taste and texture, but most can be described as flavorful to the extreme.  The French version (pictured below) is more coarse; when I lived in Paris, I ordered it at a local bistro, and the offal bits were clearly identifiable, which was a little bit of a put off for me. Most Americans are used to their sausages being made from a smooth slurry.

As is with the Johnsonville Andouille, a smoked pork/beef sausage made for the masses.  Ingredients are Pork, beef, and less than 2% of blah blah blah including corn syrup, in a collagen casing.

I think Johnsonville’s New Orleans Spicy Smoked Sausage might be a closer match.

Anyway, I had a hankering to make gumbo today, and grabbed the Johnsonville Andouille.  It didn’t add anything to my recipe, nor detract.  Most people will find it to be an ordinary smoked sausage, and that’s OK under a lot of circumstances.

Johnsonville Andouille Review

                               Fine grind in collagen


Johnsonville Andouille Review

                              And into the gumbo!


Johnsonville Andouille

                    French Andouille






Johnsonville Andouille Review







More Pix from Puerto Vallarta


El Palomar de Los Gonzalez Restaurant features the best American and Mexican cuisine with outstanding picturesque views of the city and ocean. Open for dinner nightly at 6PM.

The full menu features a lengthy selection of local fresh fish, beef, salads and soups.

They love to prepare your requests tableside, when ordered, like Caesar Salad, and Bananas Foster.  A half dozen creative shrimp and lobster dishes delight diners.

El Palomar de los Gonzalez

El Palomar de los Gonzalez


El Palomar de los Gonzalez

El Palomar de los Gonzalez

El Palomar de los Gonzalez

El Palomar de los Gonzalez

El Palomar de Los Gonzalez


IONutrition Meal Home Delivery Review


Ionutrition Meal SubscriptionUsed to be if you wanted to take advantage of a “home meal delivery” service, the companies that were available in the genre were focused on weight loss; or you could try and put together your own plan with a company like Schwans.

But lately we been presented with  a gaggle of choices from different companies, catering to all types of diets and tastes, as well as subscriptions that send portion control ingredients for you to cook at home, or fully prepared fresh “heat and eat” meals from companies like IONutrition. These guys are focused on fresh, organic, wholesome meals, and you can subscribe to a pure vegetable diet or one that includes animal protein.

They comped me some samples, and first off I went for the Butternut Portobello French Lentils with Salmon, which is ready to go after only two minutes in the microwave.

The ingredients are so straightforward it’s a breath of fresh air: Salmon, lentils, onion, carrots, mushroom, sweet potato, squash, eggplant
almond, tumeric, cumin, parsley, garlic, sea salt, filtered water.  What, seriously? None of those ingredients you can’t pronounce or have no idea what they are? Wow. Outstanding, folks.

Another significant difference with IoNutrition is they don’t have freezers chock-a-block full of frozen meals; they prepare your order right when you place it, and ship it out in a gently refrigerated box.

Watching calories, carbs or fats?  You’ll dig this nutritional information.   15 ounce serving = 537 calories, fat 2, carbs 55, fiber 16, protein 46. Meals are gluten and dairy free,organically sources elements. Eat them at home or amp up your daily office lunch.

The big question?  How was it?  Fantastic.  Seriously.  As good or better than anything I could fix at home, and possibly the best salmon I’ve  had in years. Additionally, the creative blending of spices and flavors in the sides is a real nice change.

If I haven’t given you enough reasons to try them out, know that IONutrition is a ’caused-based’ business and supports several charity partners.

One more reason?  How about a discount just for readers of Burgers, Dogs, Pizza, Oh My! For a limited time, get 15% off any meal plan by using the code “BURGERS.”  Get the full 411 on the company here.



IoNutrition Review

                       Salmon, Lentils, Portobello




Ionutrition Meal Home Delivery Review


Schaumburg, IL – Pilot Petes Restaurant Review 10/2015 Update


I was flying home from FCO, stopped at ORD and taxied out to a suburban airport to hook up with a friend, and bum a ride on his plane back to Santa Barbara. He was held up with a ground stop at TEB, so I was gonna have a couple of hours to kill.  Luckily, there was a bar and restaurant at the airstrip.  I didn’t even know the airport was there, despite the fact I used to live nearby. Seems more like it’s for personal aircraft, I didn’t see many corporate-sized planes on the tie downs.  There’s a flight school and heliport, as well.

The restaurant overlooks the runway, and it’s called Pilot Pete’s.   It has an aviation theme (surprise!) with large scale model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, airline seats in the waiting area, and other general air knick-knacks as decorations.

I admire the owner/manager, this place has a very long menu, seemingly no pre-prepared dishes, as well as daily specials. It has to be a chore to keep everything running smoothly. The waitstaff is clad in shirts that say “Flight Crew,” and the couple I talked to said they’d worked there for years and wouldn’t work anyplace else.

Although this place is apparently known for its version of the hundred dollar hamburger, I was in the mood for something a little different, and surprise, I over ordered.  Started with an amazing “Fall Salad”, which crisp greens, blueberry, chicken and damn near a half pound of feta.  Salad came with soup, and I opted for French Onion, piping hot, flavorful, with the traditional baked cheese/crouton cap.

Launched into the restaurant’s version of a Cuban, which the menu says is an homage to the one prepared by Treasure Island in Tampa.  Pete’s strayed a little bit by adding mayo, tomato, and lettuce, which didn’t take away from the quality meats and cheese, which were amply packed between  pressed  halves of a garlic Cuban baguette.

The only downside to the meal were the accompanying fries, which were the extruded type, good flavoring and seasoning, just not a personal favorite. Overall, it was a terrific meal with portion sizes that could easily have served three.   Sandwich, soup, salad, cocktail, $40 including tip.

Here’s the menu.   (Update, October 2015).  Had their “hundred dollar burger” and onion blossom.  I added Asiago and onion straws to the 10 oz medium rare patty. Excellent. Pics down below.

PIlot Pete's Review

Fall Salad


Pilot Pete's Review

Cuban Sandwich and Fries


Pilot Pete's Review

Aviation Decor


Pilot Pete's Review


Pilot Pete's Review











Pilot Pete's on Urbanspoon

Pilot Petes Restaurant Review


Best Steak House Review – St. Paul, MN


Best Steak House Review St PaulBest Steak Houses used to be all over the Twin Cities, or at least places like this with the same name.  This one has been around for 40 years. When I started going to them, you could get a complete steak dinner, meaning steak, baked potato, salad and texas toast, for between $2 – $4.  Today the range is more like $6- $12 on average, with some up charges and add-ons available. I was in the mood for “chopped steak,” simply because you don’t see it on menus very often. (And after all, the name of the site isn’t “Steak, Dogs, & Pizza!”)

You wait in a line up front and tell the grill man your order, there is no discussion of “doneness” or anything.  Move on down the cafeteria style line, pick up your tray, silver, and make a salad from the selection of fixins, which are not in abundance or up market. (Genuine face bacos!)  But hey, this is value dining!

While the menu says each dinner comes with a potato, it means “baked potato” and there is a 99 cent up charge for fries, but why the hell not?  They are fresh cut, cooked to order for each diner, and plopped on the plenty in quantity. Perhaps a pound?

I made my salad, paid, and you’re told to wait at the register for your order, it will be right up, and it is.  One mystery to me was that some people got two slices of Texas toast, and others got one.  Didn’t seem to coincide with any menu selection or price.  I think I figured out it had to do with your politeness in line (I’m not kidding, some of the people are just damned nasty to grill guy).  So anyway, I got two pieces, and if you’ve read this blog at all, you know I’m all about the Texas toast!

The meat was great, flavoful, and a host of condiments, steak sauces are on the table.  I couldn’t finish the fries, but I’d be damned if I was leaving them behind! Seriously, some of the best fries I’ve had in a long time!

Best Steak House is kind of north and east of downtown St. Paul, open for lunch and dinner seven days, and you can get the whole dinner at lunch time for less than $6.00.

You should check them out.  They also have fried shrimp, gyros, and burgers for the kids.  Daily specials as well.  Menu.

Best Steak House Review St Paul

Chopped Steak & Fries

Ari's Best Steak House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Best Steak House Review


Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room…, Oven


Camerons Smoking Bag ReviewsI used to have a couple thousand dollars worth of barbecuing gear. Got disposed of when I wasn’t looking to fuel somebody’s addictions. Oh, well. So I’ve been looking at smokers again, and I spotted these “in oven smoking bags” made by Camerons.  They are a couple-three bucks, and come in a wide variety of woods: hickory, mesquite, apple, alder and others. They are widely available online, but I found them at Gander Mountain (locator).

The instructions are somewhat idiot proof. The bags contain wood chips, seasoning, and hardwood syrup. Open the bag, fill the bag with food, place in pre-heated oven, heat for appointed amount of time, remove bag from oven, remove food from bag. I thought I’d try pork chops and salmon.

(There is a caution on the bag to be aware of California Proposition 65. I’m too lazy or disinterested to look that up, however.

I will have to look up some “recipes” however, to see if I can figure an appropriate time and temp for these projects. There are some suggestions on the package, but not for what I have in mind. By the way, relevant to nothing? These bags are made in Finland. (The country, not the town in Minnesota).

The packaging is deceptive, the actual foil package is about 2-3x larger than the sleeve it comes in. I wasn’t expecting that. The bag is big enough for a small chicken or roast, for sure.

Very detailed instructions, and some recipes, are included. Basically, it calls for preheat to 475, put bag on lowest shelf, then reduce heat to 375 for balance of cooking time.

I put in four salmon filets, brushed with butter, and some fresh dill sprigs, for about 25 minutes total. This worked out well, and besides, no mess! Just toss the bag when you are done!  It’s not a really heavy smoke, but it’s present and flavorful.

Cameron Smoking Bag

Empty Bag


Cameron Smoking Bag

Salmon filets with dill

Smoked salmon w/dill, mustard greens with ham hocks

Smoked salmon w/dill, mustard greens with ham hocks




Oven smoking recipe


Lobster Sliders Review



Lobster Slider ReviewI was so “kitchen bored” today, thought I would try out the “Lobster Sliders” I grabbed at dollar store a couple weeks ago.

Made by the “Pride and Joy” brand, part of Indian Ridge Shrimp Company out of Cauvin, LA, the (total weight) 3.5 ounce patties are made from lobster meat, bread crumbs, egg, spices, and a zillion other ingredients you can’t pronounce.

You can pan fry them (I did) or bake them, and the instructions cautions that they ‘burn’ easily, and I found that out.

They taste ‘vaguely’ like lobster, but more like a fast food fishwich without a crunchy coating. Worth a dollar? Sure. Worth buying again? Not for me.

Buns are not included. I dressed it with Cajun seasoning, mayo and diced dills.

Lobster Slider Review

Frozen, out of box

Lobster Slider Review

5 Min/Side, Fry Pan



Lobster Sliders Review


Imperial Garden Lobster Egg Roll Review


I was never much for places like dollar stores, Goodwill, or thrift shops, but they were regular stops for the late Mrs. BurgerDogBoy, having come from a disadvantaged background.

But after awhile, I kinda got into dollar stores, as there were some kitchen staples there that it was hard to find better prices on elsewhere, namely spices, herbs, and chicken stock.  For me, tomato juice was also a thing.

I like to cruise their foods section looking for new or never seen before (by me) products, and I’ve previously reviewed some of their heat and eat things like burgers and fish sandwiches.  I even like their empanadas, they call them “meat pies”.

So when I saw lobster “sliders” (still in the freezer here) and lobster egg rolls, I had to give them a shot.

The egg rolls are sold under the “Imperial Garden” label, and are made and distributed by a company in Houston, JYC International; apparently the company also has a thing about the edamame segment.

The eggroll weighs in at 5 ounces, and the list of ingredients is seemingly endless, but number one is cabbage, and number two is lobster. Number three? That fake crab stuff. Of course the flavor and texture of the cabbage is the predominant one.

You can microwave or conventionally bake these frozen treats, I always up for the latter, and it took about 24 minutes.  I let them set a minute or two, sliced  and served with sweet/sour sauce and hot mustard.  The wrapper was nice and crispy from the oven bake, I doubt it would be in the microwave.

It’s as good as any egg roll you’ll get at most Chinese restaurants in the US, not as good as if you made your own.

I’d buy them again.

Imperial Garden Eggroll Review



Imperial Garden Lobster Egg Roll Review

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