Home Cookin’ – DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust

“It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno”  state the commercials for this Nestle product.  Hmmm.  I’ve had lots of delivered pizzas that became fleeting, one-time events in my life, and if DiGiorno wants to be placed into that category, I’m happy to oblige them.

I purchased the “bacon, sausage, and pepperoni” topped version of this pie, and the packaging has a couple of new ‘brag points’ printed on it:  “Now with 33% more meat,” and “With the Great Taste of Garlic.”   I say “YAY!” for the garlic, but question “33% more meat” (than what?)

I’ve reviewed a DiGiorno product before (Flatbread Pizza) and liked it.   This one?  Not so much.

What’s wrong with it?  Well, in a word, nothing.  It’s a product produced to be as inoffensive to the public as possible, and therefore, in my opinion, that company mandate makes the food as bland and without uniqueness as possible.

Crust – this is a medium thickness crust, somewhat “Boboli” in nature, but when first removed from the oven, doesn’t give a hint of any type of crispness.  It stiffens up as it cools, but never fully achieves the “crisp crust” quality I like in pizza.  In the photo above, you’ll notice the hot slice has some “New York hang” (arrow) resulting in what I call “slide”, one of the least desirable qualities in pizza.  I define “slide” as the process that makes a slice’s toppings slide off the crust into the box, or onto the floor or your clothing.

The toppings are completely without any kind of character, and the heretofore mentioned “with the great taste of garlic” wasn’t noticeable to my palate.

Cheese-stuffed crust?  Well, you can SEE it, but you can’t really taste it or sense the texture of melted cheese in biting it.  The cheese with the crust congeals fairly quickly with cooling, and doesn’t really add anything to the tactile or taste sensation when consuming this pie.

As I frequently write, the posts on this site are only a reflection of my personal tastes, and obviously, Nestle sells a lot of this product, so it must appeal to the masses.

So I’ll pass on trying this one again.

For unique flavors and textures, I’m still fixated on the imported frozen pizzas one can find at Trader Joe’s.  Some of the best product on the market.

I’ve been in a lot of food factories, and met a number of food ‘scientists.’  I can’t help but wonder what the original conceiver/creator of the DiGiorno pizza thinks of the product in its present form.

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