Duluth, MN – Buffalo Wild Wings

This chain, known for big screamin’ tv’s (the kind you watch) (ok, the kind that you see broadcasts on) and a variety of those now thought of delicacies that we used to just toss out, chicken wings, has opened in Duluth, MN, which must be one of their remote locations. The last time anybody in Duluth thought of “wings” and “dinner” in the same sentence, it was to go to a venerable Chinese restaurant that is no more. That didn’t serve chicken wings, btw.

Minnesota Burger Reporter Kawikamedia checked out BWW opening week, and opted for the Cheeseburger Slammers, a trio of burgers avec frites.

I previously commented on the Black/Blue burger at our own outlet of Buffalo, here in the Rose City.

Kawikamedia said the burgers were tasty, but he has had better fries. I recall at my experience, I popped extra for rings, and they were nothing to write home about, either.

In any case, if you are wandering around Duluth, looking for chain food, you’ll find BWW up by da mall. That’s over da hill, doncha know? Fer sure. Wonder if they have Walleye Wings?

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