Moose Lake, MN – Gampers Family Fun Center

When I was a kid, “Moose Lake” only meant one thing – that’s where the state loony bin was.  Today the facility is a medium level prison for men.  I guess there are probably some loonies there still.   Located 44 miles south of downtown Duluth, (110 miles north of Minneapolis) on I-35 (and US 61, the highway revisited by one of Duluth’s favorite sons, Bob Dylan), Moose Lake is a pretty little burg with about 2700 people.

It’s about 5 miles from a place I spent a lot of summers at during my salad days, the YMCA Camp at Sturgeon Lake, MN.  Looking at their website, I see it’s over $400 a week now;  I think it was $25 during my day.  You should send your kids there.  A good healthy experience.

As is going to Gampers, a family fun center located just North of town on Highway 61.

The Minnesota Burger Posse headed to Gamper’s to catch another show of Todd Eckart, and of course, to sample the burgers.  Head of the Burger Posse, Kawika, had the Chipotle Peppercheese Burger, and was quite impressed with the quality of the ground beef, which the owner said was “legacy beef” from Wisconsin.   Chipotle mustard on the side.

Here’s another great burger pic from Kawika, and the attraction of the night, Eckart, outside of the establishment.

Gamper's Moose Lake


Todd Eckart


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