Portland, OR – J & M House Teriyaki Burger

Someday I am going to endeavor to find out the origin of the proliferation of “teriyaki burger” establishments in the Pacific Northwest.  For those not in the know, no, these are not places that glaze a puck with T sauce, but rather combo Japanese/(limited) America cafes, diners, lunch counters.

My local neighborhood one, J&M house, I have driven by a thousand times but never stopped in, as it is in very close proximity to Humdinger Burgers, one of Portland’s gems, so the thought of going to a “T-Burger” never appealed to me until today, when my better 2/3rds announced she was taking me to lunch and she wanted a bento box.  (Bento is also prolific in the NW, it is loosely defined as a hot Japanese lunch in a partitioned box).

Gazing at the sign as we drove up, I noticed not only did J & M offer teriyaki and charbroiled burgers, but they also had free wifi, AND a fax machine (said so right on their sign!).   I’m so there!

We ordered at the counter, after perusing their menu board, which boasts about their home style cooking and no MSG added, my S.O. went with the spicy combo lunch, and I, being not nearly so brave, went for the double cheeseburger with fries included, Diet Dr. Pepper on the side.

I didn’t taste the combo lunch, tho it did look appetizing.  I had a bite of the S.O.’s salad, which had a sweet vinegary dressing, and (oddly) feta cheese crumbles.

For what it was, the double cheeseburger was a masterpiece; the counter woman actually asked me how I wanted it prepared and dressed, and accomidated my wishes.   Twin food service pucks on a bakery roll, the meat seasoned  with a facsimile of Seasoned Salt, and perfectly salted thick cut fries and 3 packets of Hunts Ketchup (“It’s thick!”) on the side.

I dug it, but then I haven’t had a burger for a couple weeks, that’s a marathon for me,   It’s within walking distance, another plus for me.   And genuine plastic al fresco tables, should the mood strike me.  All that and a fax machine!   If I was a rater, instead of just an eater, this would rank high on my recent list.  Nice folks, too. (If you look at the pic, notice the sweet telltale grease drips on the back of the basket paper!)

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