Lean Cuisine – Asian-Style Potstickers

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Chinese dumplings.  There’s a terrific photo of me at a small restaurant near the Great Wall in China – a dumpling restaurant, and we ordered the entire menu!  (For about $4).  And you’ve probably read about Portland’s unique mash-up dumpling food truck here.

Well today, we ventured into another $1 meal from Lean Cuisine, chicken and vegetable dumlings with ride and an asian-style dipping sauce.   Hmm. Sauce?  Didn’t see that.

Instructions called for 8 minutes at half power in the nuking machine, then a rest period for 1-2 minutes.

Done.  The result?

Not so bad.  Better than yday’s Lean Cuisine panini.

The dumplings heat unevenly, and I prefer mine steamed, and not fried.  These had kind of a combination texture, as if you steamed them first, then lightly fried them.

The rice?  Peas and carrots included, something I never saw in China.

This meal will set you back 260 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 49 carbs, and 22% of your daily sodium intake.

I’d buy them again.  (I added the tomatoes, from my condiment garden!)

Lean Cuisine Chinese Pot Stickers

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