Portland, OR – Murder Mystery Theater

When does an experience deserve a “A for effort?” .  Such is the case for the Portland Murder Mystery, held at the Refectory Restaurant numerous times each month.

The mystery theme was “Til Death” – a take on a wedding day gone wrong.  Somebody might end up dead!

The evening includes a 3 course dinner and the entertainment, drinks and tips are extra.

Some members of the “cast” are chosen from the tables of diners, and each is given a bit of background information on their character and the caper.   During the course of the evening, participants can wander from table to table, play investigator, ask questions, to seek out clues to solve the mystery.

It’s fun, it’s live, it’s interactive.  You can participate or observe.

Dinner was what one might expect from a banquet type facility, good enough for a situation like this.  There was a choice of three entrees, pork, chicken, or vegetarian lasagna, served with salad, bread basket, and dessert.

Service was good.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy had arranged our evening, and had some trepidation about how receptive I’d be – as I tend to live a hermit like existence.  But I enjoyed it.  I’d go again.  You should too.

The Portland Mystery Theater performs regularly, and is also available for private parties and corporation functions.  Check out their schedule or book an event on their website.

Portland Murder Mystery Refectory

Burgundy Pork, Roasted Potatoes

Portland Murder Mystery

Cast members

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