New Product Test – Jack Daniel’s EZ Marinader Pouch Review

Jack Daniel's EZ Marinade BagI’m not much for marinades, at our house we tend to lean more towards dry rubs, or herb seasoned food when we’re grillin’.    However this product looked interesting on the shelf, and I took one home, opting for the “Mesquite” flavor.  (The product comes in four different flavors).

The Jack Daniels Marinade (contains no alcohol, and is manufactured by Heinz), is a sturdy ‘zip lock’ type pouch with liquid marinade that holds up to 3 pounds of food.  The instructions say to marinate a half hour or more, and the product’s website also says you can put your protein in the bag and freeze it, as long as you defrost (but not in a microwave) before using – and up to three months.

We used a particularly inexpensive piece of round steak, a little over a pound, and allowed the meat to steep overnight in the fridge, before grilling it on a Lodge cast iron grill on the stove top the next night.

The marinade itself has a smoky ‘barbecue sauce’ like aroma and taste, on its own.

The flavors were well infused into the cooked steak, and I do believe that the prep contributed to a more tender steak than I would have ordinarily expected from this cut.

I’ll try the product again, perhaps the Garlic and Herb flavor with poultry.

Props also to the product for having an easy, reliable, zip-lock mechanism, and for providing a no-fuss or muss way to marinade without clean up!

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