Olive Me, Why Not Take Olive Me?

I love olives. I love them plain, stuffed, sliced, diced, Spanish, Greek, Californian…. I eat them au natural, I use them as condiments and toppings on pizza, burgers, in salads….I’ve even cured my own, at home, a couple of times. That was rewarding, but the “wait” was torture!

So I have a need for sliced olives on occasion, and while it’s easy to find sliced black, there aren’t many companies or stores that stock sliced green olives on a regular basis.

Yes, I could slice my own, or buy those crushed, shredded things they call “salad olives”, but I like a nice, symmetrical, clean sliced product.

I was therefore quite delighted when a local grocery offered them on a recent special. I was able to return to the store three times and stock up properly!   The brand name is Napoleon, and looking them up online, I see they have a long history and make quite a few products.  Their sliced greens, which are Spanish in origin, are about as good as you can get, in my opinion.

The product line is listed here,  and if you can’t find these in your local stores, some of their products are available on Amazon.

I’ve laid in a supply for the winter, and asked the company where I can find the product regularly, nearby.   I may just have to make another three or four trips!

napoleon olives

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