Arcata, CA – Stars Hamburgers, Big Pete’s Pizzeria

You’re cruising down US 101 in California, it’s lunch time, you’re in Arcata, pizza or burger, pizza or burger?

BOTH, I says to myself as I drive up to Stars Hamburgers and notice Big Pete’s New York Style Pizzeria across the street.

Stars is a local favorite (whoa-oh), and the menu was pretty straight forward. I ordered the cheeseburger (plain) and spent my waiting time eyeballin’ Big Pete’s across the street. I’m a sucker for any food establishment called “Pete’s” but I can’t really explain why.

The burger came, I dissected it, bit into it, choked a little. Really, really dry. These were   non frozen patties rolling off freezer sheets of paper, probably from a local supplier, very thin, and as I watched the griddle guy, I thought “griddle guy? you are cooking that way too long.”

And so he did. I won’t be back.

Amble across the street for 2nd course. This small burg pie shop actually sold slices! Eureka! (Oh, wait, that’s the next town!).

I order the all meat one, and you’ve heard me talk enough about “hang” with New York style pizzas, and this one had zip. It was good, but spendy ($3.75). Should I find myself in Arcata again, I might just curl up in a cheap motel with a floozie and buy a who pie!

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