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It’s always a pleasure to hook up with world famous radio personality “Martin in the Morning” (ret.).  Martin in the Morning has shunned the spotlight for years (unless Faux News calls and says “give us a quote?  we pay!).  Martin in the Morning achieved a certain claim to fame when an Iowa bar named a sandwich after him, he’s been trying to recapture his “15 minutes ever since.” Soon he will be posting regularly here, and hoping that will give him a little ego boost. I contacted him ahead of time and said I would be zipping through the rolling hills of his burg and he should pick an outstanding burger for us to sample.

We agreed to meet at the “Squeeze In” (or Squeeze Inn, or Squeez’in), a local place of some repute. They apparently work magic with a bounty of cheese atop burgers. Alas, they were not open on Sunday, so it was off to choice number two, “Andie’s,” located at a local car wash.

I’m all for car wash food and cuisine of that ilk. In high school I would take girls on first dates to the Greyhound bus station to sample chicken soup from a vending machine (it was a test). Cool guy, huh?

We pulled up to Andie’s, a small building with outdoor tables, and perused the posted menu. I went with their variation of a blue cheeseburger, and Martin went with the Dali Lamma special “make me one with everything.” Ba da bump. Ok, it wasn’t called that, old joke, a stinker like my blue cheese. We topped off our order with a side of FRINGS! (a basket half-full of onion rings, or half empty of fries.)

Martin’s choice was called the Andie’s Burger (clever!) and came with mushrooms, grilled onions, garlic sauce, avocado, and jack cheese; all Andie’s burgers (except mine) come with mayo, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles unless otherwise specified, and are served on a toasted potato bun. My burger was called the Blue Cheese Burger

This was so long ago (over 48 hours, I have to take a sec to look at my imaginary ketchup-stained notes to remember the experience).

Oh, yeah. The burgers were damned tasty, and the fries extra fine. The salty, crispy, shoestring type. Martin objected to an overabundance of avocado on his burger. I didn’t object to an overabundance of blue cheese on mine.

Oops, just remembered, there are more photos on my camera, have to go out to the car for it. Hold on.

Great burger, great friends, great fun. A return trip to be scheduled!

Menu is online.

Pictured: Exterior, Andie’s Burger, Blue Cheese Burger, Frings.

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