Hamburgers Across America

Spent 30 days on a Greyhound bus recently, hadn’t been on one for 30 years (Who wants to fly, anymore, it’s SUCH a hassle!).  They have an amazing travel vintage-greyhoundbargain with their 7, 15, and 30 day passes, with which you can go anywhere in the U.S., as many segments as you want, it’s fabulous!  You can purchase them at your lcoal station or online.   They are really trying to kick butt in the customer service area, updating facilities, coaches, adding wifi, electrical plug-ins, nicer bathrooms.  It was quite a relaxing way to visit old friends and eat darn near a mllion burgers!  Kudos to Myron Watkins, VP Operations, for being responsive to customer suggestions!

Some of the burger posts on this blog are from that trip, more to be posted soon, and look for the “Pizza Across America Tour” in a month or so!

One comment to “Hamburgers Across America”
One comment to “Hamburgers Across America”

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